Jörg Klebe

30. Januar 2018

CBInsights with fintech trends to watch in 2018

CBInsights has just launched a very useful report forecasting the fintech industry this year. The main 10 points made are:

1. Fintechs unbundling leads to rebundling
2. European fintechs will expand their global footprint
3. Bank’s forgo partnering in favor of fighting fintech with fintech
4. Wealth management will become the hottest fintech sector in China
5. Latin America and Southeast Asia will see strong fintech growth
6. More companies will look to sell pickaxes amid cryptoasset speculation
7. Capital markets fintech infrastructure becomes a focus area for investment
8. Banks deepen their partnerships with regtech
9. Insurance tech investment moves to the back-end
10. Amazon is primed to get more aggressive in fintech — outside of the US

Last year, we were honored that CBInsights nominated collectAI as one of the top AI fintech companies in the world which you can see on top of this post.

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